• No Code Application Building
  • Hyper Automation
  • App & Data Integration
  • Cloud Native
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Ecosystem of Developer and Implementor
  • Security
  • No Code Application Building
  • Hyper Automation
  • App & Data Integration
  • Cloud Native
  • Security
  • Ecosystem of Developer and Implementor
  • Plugin Architecture
No Code Application Building
  • Function modules
  • Composability
  • Application Areas
  • Multi-Terminal Experience
Share and associate business data online through worksheet.
  • Worksheet
  • View
  • Statistics
  • Custom Page
  • Workflow
  • Permissions
  • External Portal
Share and associate business data online through worksheet.
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Hyper Automation
  • Use Workflow as the automation foundation
    Build Hyper Automation capabilities (Hyper Automation). Its workflow-native functionality can be automatically initiated by events such as data changes, time of day, personnel dynamics, or external data pushes.
  • Integrating with 3rd tools
    Use pre-integrated APIs to easily complete AI recognition tasks such as text and images, and also support access to automation tools such as RPA.
  • Custom actions with code blocks
    Use Python or Javascript to build custom actions, extending capability by professional programmers.
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App & Data Integration
  • API Library
    Minto Cloud is pre-integrated with commonly used SaaS software applications and Internet services and can be installed directly by users from the API library.
  • Custom API Connection
    Supports custom creation of interfaces with any API. Connections can be authorised for zero code calls to different applications.
  • Data Integration
    Supports bi-directional data synchronisation with mainstream databases and built-in visual ETL for data conversion during data synchronisation.
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Cloud Native
  • Install via Container
    With support for Docker Compose and Kubernetes, standalone deployments can be completed with a single command. Achieve ultra-efficient private deployments.
  • Cluster Deployment and H.A.
    Provide multi-tier cluster deployment, support for arithmetic storage expansion, built-in health checks to ensure high availability, compatible with mainstream container operation and maintenance platform.
  • Free Community License
    Provide free permanent community license for <30 users.
Plugin Architecture
  • Rich Plug-in Types
    Custom Pages, Workflow Nodes, Views, Record Detail Pages, Form Controls, API Integration & Push Triggers, Data Integration Data Source Connector, Application Style Themes.
  • Friendly Development Approach
    Provide Web coding, local development and online configuration for each plugin type, so that all users can participate in plugin development.
  • Extension for Programmers
    JSSDK for professional developers to facilitate data interaction . Custom functions can be added for form data calculation. Use Javascript and Python code blocks in workflows.
Ecosystem of Developer and Implementor
  • Interchangeability of App and Plugin
    In the architecture, user-developed plug-ins and applications are adapted to all tenant environments, helping users to create commercially viable plug-ins and applications for niche market needs.
  • Market
    To promote the exchange of apps and plugins and make developers profitable.
  • Partner Network
    With the industry's most thriving business ecosystem, partners across all regions and industries, providing vertical solutions for all industries.
  • Product Ecosystem
    Partnering with a number of complementary product companies enables pre-integration of products to provide customers with a portfolio of data-smooth, cost-effective, high-quality applications.
  • Impeccable Quality and Safety Process
    We have passed a number of qualifications, including ISO27001, ISO9001, Equalisation Level 3 and CMMI3. We have adopted a number of security measures and have been subjected to baseline testing by AliCloud, TencentCloud and DeepTrust, as well as mirroring, leakage scanning and penetration testing by security vendors.
  • Support domestic ITAI industries
    The private deployment version of Mindray Cloud supports home-grown architecture servers, operating systems, relational databases and container cloud platforms.
  • Omni Security Design
    Supports multiple SSO protocols, multi-factor authentication, custom password rules, secondary authentication options, interface watermarking, data field encryption, information mask display, log auditing, RBAC privilege control.