Capabilities to be certified and scope of knowledge

Target Audience

Benefits of certification

These positions are looking for talents with junior certification

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Instructions for registration
Examination form and pass criteria

Part I Choice questions There are 45 questions with a total time limit of 30 minutes to complete.
Getting a 70/100 or above is required for qualification.

Part II Computer-based questions Build the application from scratch and submit the application files within 48 hours according to the business process and requirements of the proposition.
Scoring is based on the degree of completion of the application. Those getting a 70% or higher are qualified.

Registration process

1. Log in to the examination certification platform and complete your profile

2. Choose to register for the junior certification examination

3. Select the appropriate examination time and pay the fee

4. Review the tasks for examination and complete them as required

5. Wait for email and SMS notification of test results

6. Log in to the examination certification platform to inquire and download the certificate

Examination fee

399 CNY/person. A discount of 100 CNY is offered to students and teachers once their identities are confirmed.

The payment is valid for one year. The candidate can take the examination up to three times within the validity period. If he/she does not get certified after three tries, they will need to pay the fee to register again.

List of test prep materials

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Registration for certification