Mingdao Cloud Digital Capability Education

School Cooperation Inquiry Enterprises Job Posting

Starting point

  • Meet the needs of social development

    Cultivate interdisciplinary digital talents required by the society and solve the talent demands under rapid growth of the digital economy

  • Solve the customer’s employment needs

    Help customers and ecological enterprises solve the recruitment demands for interdisciplinary digital talents

  • Improve the user’s learning experience

    Establish a systematic path for user education and capability certification to achieve a closed loop and learning achievement transformation

APaaS products are the best vehicle for digital education

  • Unity

    Flexibility and versatility

    One application platform is universal for teaching practical classes in multiple disciplines

  • Integration

    Interdisciplinary integration

    Subject knowledge is integrated with APaaS to cultivate students' ability to apply knowledge across disciplines

  • Simple

    Easy to learn

    Easy to learn and use for students of all majors and education levels

  • Practice

    Practical application

    Direct application of skills to work scenarios, campus practice projects, and innovation competitions

Link excellent talents with enterprises

Bring more career development opportunities for individuals and recommend better digital talents for enterprises.

School Cooperation Inquiry Enterprises Job Posting