About Us

Mingdao Cloud, operated by Shanghai Wanqi Mingdao Software Co., Ltd., was established in Shanghai in 2013 by the renowned internet personality, Mr. Ren Xianghui. Mingdao Cloud is an innovative Hyper Application Platform that allows users to construct enterprise applications with zero coding. It enables users to develop excellent user experience applications for core business operations such as sales, operations, human resources, and procurement, integrating internal data seamlessly. Mingdao Cloud also includes a highly automated engine capable of automating complex and repetitive business processes. With its integration center and full API integration capabilities, users can effortlessly integrate Mingdao Cloud with external systems. Furthermore, the Hyper Application Platform of Mingdao Cloud offers high composability, supports internationalization, and is built on a cloud-native architecture, enabling deployments across multiple clouds. Mingdao Cloud is progressively building a prosperous implementation and development ecosystem through its plugin architecture.

Mingdao helps enterprises significantly reduce software costs and lower the costs and time associated with custom development. It provides an extremely flexible and user-friendly digital platform, serving as an essential tool for enterprise digital transformation. Currently, it has millions of users and over 4,000 paying enterprise customers, including renowned clients such as Coca-Cola, Fosun Group, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Railway Group, Beijing Metro, Foshan Railway, Huaxia Bank, Minsheng Bank, Decathlon, Emerson Electric, Taiko Electronics, Sichuan Airlines, Orient Securities, Marriott Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, and more.

In May 2021, Mingdao received nearly 100 million yuan in investment from SIG Asia. The company currently has over 130 employees, with the majority being part of the product development team. Its headquarters is located in Shanghai's Caohejing Development Zone, with branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Xi'an, and Ningbo.

Honors and Awards

Over 50 industry awards and certifications for leading low code/zero code category mentions

Phil Ren CEO

Regular entrepreneur, Internet celebrity

He graduated from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and China Europe International Business School,

As a former board member in several advertising and software industry associations,

he created the first mailing list service in China - Soeasy, in 1997.

In 2000, he created China’s first domestic Internet advertising website, which was named Internet Advertising Pioneer. Later, under the assistance of Mr. Yang Weiqing, this website evolved into a well-known Internet economic research institution for Chinese market - iResearch Consulting Group.

In 2002, meihua.info was unveiled, providing a wealth of information and knowledge for marketing professionals in China to use in their practices.

In 2013, he founded Mingdao (mingdao.com), which has helped nearly 10,000 contracted companies successfully build flexible and easy-to-use middle data offices, significantly reducing their software costs, accelerating the development of customized systems, and enhancing their digital and intelligent capabilities across the board.

Jerry Jin CTO

Jin Kewei has been engaged in the development of enterprise software, industry software and SaaS products in IT and Internet fields for nearly 10 years, and served as an IT team leader for about 6 years.

In 2005, he joined Shanghai MeiHua Information as a coder, then grew to a team leader later, where he was involved in most of the product transformation and R&D activities involved in the MeiHua Information, including the launching of meihua.info and the improving and rebuilding of data monitoring products. He also built the R&D and operational teams at MeiHua Information.

In mid 2011, he started R&D work at Mingdao, and, in collaboration with his team, launched Mingdao Beta in early 2012. Under his leadership, Mingdao has been recognized as one of the leading SaaS providers in China. As the creator of the R&D and operational system in Mingdao, he now focuses on the work relevant to R&D, like the improvement of R&D and operational management, the decision-making process on the orientation of the products’ technical framework, and so on.

Zorn Xue CPO

From 2005 to 2009, he studied at Henan Polytechnic University and graduated there

From graphic design to UI design and product design after shifting to the Internet industry, he has 10 years of design experience, and is an expert at combining the visual performance, interaction and functions to solve product problems as a whole.

In 2014, he joined Mingdao in charge of the UI design. In 2016, he was appointed as the design director, responsible for building Mingdao's UX team and design specifications.

In 2018, he served as the product director, and together with his team, they finished the initial iteration of the Mingdao Cloud APaaS platform. He currently focuses on user experience optimization and upgrading, as well as product iteration planning.

Brand Story

01 Originated from MeiHua

2008 saw the beginning of Mingdao as a test project of MeiHua Information Co., Ltd. The initial goal was only to solve the internal communication and collaboration inside the company. The team eventually finished the initial edition of the product planning after the Chinese New Year in 2011, and the project was given the official name Mingdao. This was done after multiple phases including project planning, start-up, suspension, re-study, and re-development.

The name of the project is taken from an old saying: "Follow the Trend, Define Strategy and Direction, and Continuously Optimize Techniques”. Among them, "Follow the Trend" represents the strategic decision-making capability of the enterprise, while "Continuously Optimize Techniques" represents the professional capability of the enterprise and its staff. The middle section, "Define Strategy and Direction", which links the first and second parts, describes how to transform individual capabilities into enterprise capabilities through organizational synergy, always keep an eye on strategic goals, establish goal orientation, and eventually create a fully competitive enterprise.

02 Seek for Collaboration

Mingdao underwent a number of iterations over the subsequent 3 years, eventually maturing into the enterprise SaaS collaboration software based on the concept of social enterprise. In addition to achieving the original project goal, it also created an original business value. MeiHua made the decision to commercialize Mingdao in order to fundamentally assist more businesses in overcoming a variety of management and collaboration issues and realize the benefits of transparent dialogue and flat teamwork.

On January 7, 2012, Mingdao made its public debut, following a full year of development and internal testing.

As soon as Mingdao was formally launched, it was coveted by a variety of corporate users nationwide. The number of registrations soared, and an increasing number of users began paying for the advanced version. Well-established enterprises such as China Telecom, PICC, PetroChina, Central Wide Joint Media, Peking University, CapitaLand, Roewe Auto, Yidao Yongche, 7 Days Inn, CorePlayer, Vipshop, and Handu Group, have all become subscribers of Mingdao one after another.

03 Hard but Persistent Exploration

A great story will always have unexpected turns, and Mingdao also went through some difficult moments when it was growing.

The collaborative SaaS market started going through significant changes in 2015. With a completely free business model, leading internet products like DingTalk, WeChat Work, and Feishu began to rebuild the market structure. Unfortunately, Mingdao was not spared from this severe hit.

Beginning in 2016, Mingdao Cloud encountered enormous difficulties in accessing and keeping customers. By the end of 2017, Mingdao had been unable to successfully position itself in its core market. Mingdao's story, however, never ended, and it tried to explore a turnaround through a significant product transformation. But the transition process was not easy, and Mingdao's attempts at human resources and vertical segments both failed.

04 Restructure to Gain Success

The Mingdao team made an attempt to create a building block-like enterprise software at the start of 2018 that allows customers to create corporate apps with the usage of no-code tools. Mingdao finally released a new no-code application platform, Mingdao Cloud, in May 2019 after more than a year of development, and continued to iterate it in order to increase its sophistication. Mingdao Cloud introduced a private deployment version based on container technology in March 2020, opening the door for itself to access foundational sectors like finance, energy, and government.

As the product became more and more sophisticated, the application platform product needed to establish a unique channel model that made use of the expertise and technology of its partners to increase the value of Mingdao Cloud's products from a tool-based platform to vertical industry solutions. As a result, Mingdao started to consider a sustainable business model. The Mingdao Cloud Partner Program debuted in 2020.

Mingdao Cloud had attracted more than 200 partners after more than 2 years of development and had created a no-code partner ecosystem featured with equality, reciprocity, and consumer benefit. The benefits of the partner ecosystem have helped Mingdao make significant strides in the commercial world. By effectively converting losses into gains in 2020, securing new funding in 2021, and establishing a dominant position in the APaaS industry, the company accelerated the growth of its business.

05 Make Robust Progresses

The move from Mingdao to Mingdao Cloud was challenging. We have improved our business capabilities, honed our team's resiliency, and deepened our understanding of the Chinese enterprise software industry during this process of rebirth. The no-code approach, which can lower the cost, difficulty, and communication barriers of digital construction in enterprises, facilitate the convergence of business and IT, and enable the increasingly pervasive democratization of digital technology, has been identified by Mingdao Cloud as a new window of opportunity in the enterprise digital market. This is also the mission of Mingdao Cloud.

The story of Mingdao has neither come to an end, and new chances and difficulties present themselves every day. The Mingdao team pursues the ambition to design and create tools for business productivity. Every advantage that customers receive from utilizing the product has encouraged Mingdao to keep moving forward.

For the brand story of Mingdao Cloud, refer to "Ten Mingdao Cloud Iterations that Cross the Dead Line"written by Ren Xianghui, the founder of Mingdao