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Benefits of cooperation

Frequently Asked Questions

Conditions for cooperation

1.Enterprise is paying customer or contracted partner of Mingdao Cloud

2. Having clear recruitment demands for zero-code/low-code app talents

3. Providing true and accurate enterprise and job information

How to work together

1. Click the Apply for Login to Platform button on this page to enter the Certification System of Mingdao Cloud

2. Complete the enterprise profile and wait for our review

3. Once reviewed, you can create a job and update the job information

4. You can browse talents in the talent pool and send invitations to any talent you are interesting in

5. The operation staff will recommend suitable talents to you from time to time. When you find a suitable talent, you will push in accordance with your recruitment process

6. Updating the recruitment results to the platform actively will increase the recommendation weight of the position so that it will be exposed more

What about cooperation fees

At this stage, Mingdao Cloud's talent recruitment docking service does not charge any fees. In the future, intermediary fees will be charged for successful recruitment

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